Losses come in many forms -- death, divorce, estrangement, job change, empty nest, and over 30 others. Are you having difficulty accepting the reality of a loss, or do you find yourself hiding your true feelings from others? The Grief Recovery Method allows you to retain all of your fond memories while freeing you from the pain these memories may now cause. As a result, you may rediscover your capacity for joy and be able to fully participate emotionally in your relationships again, or perhaps for the first time. 

What is unresolved grief?


Unresolved grief is almost always about things we wish we’d said or done differently, better, or more. For example, “I wish I’d told Dad I loved him before it was too late.” Or, “I wish I’d visited my grandma before she died so I could tell her what she meant to me.” This program will show you how to discover and express those unsaid things, so that they no longer limit you or affect your capacity for happiness.


Unresolved grief is also about the unrealized hopes, dreams, and expectations we had for the relationship. Even in the best of relationships, we are often left with plans that never got to happen. In negative relationships, the death or divorce robs us of the possibility of repair, thereby preventing the relationship from becoming positive.


Finally, unresolved grief is about emotional communications that either we never made, or we felt were never heard, or that need to be said again.  It is the goal of this program to help you discover and complete what was left emotionally incomplete for you by a death, a divorce, or any other loss.  It will give you the ability to say goodbye to any pain, which may be limiting you from fond memories, and say goodbye to any unmet hopes, dreams, and expectations about the future.

Grief is not an intellectual experience.


The uniqueness of The Grief Recovery Method ®  lies in the essential idea that grief is a normal and natural emotional reaction to loss. Unfortunately, the majority of guidance for grieving people tends to move them toward their intellects to deal with their pain. I believe that grievers don’t wind up at my door with broken heads, they arrive with broken hearts.

When is it time to start Grief Recovery?

Is it ever too soon to recover? No!  


Effective Grief Recovery can begin immediately. We tend to create larger-than-life memory pictures in which we either enshrine or bedevil the person who died. This phenomenon increases with time, making it more difficult to discover the truth within our relationships. It is never too soon to address your grief. Likewise, it is never too late to address the pain of a previous loss.

How does The Grief Recovery Method ® work?


The Grief Recovery Method Grief Support Groups are not like traditional groups, nor are they self-help groups -- this is not a drop-in program. They are facilitated groups that use the time-tested Grief Recovery Method along with The Grief Recovery Handbook as the basic text, and a step-by-step format.  It is an experiential, action-based program with homework assignments.


This powerful and dynamic experience is the most sensible, accessible, and authentic plan available for recovery from loss. Each program is facilitated by a Certified Grief Recovery Specialist® in either the 8-week group format or the 7-week one-on-one format. 


The Grief Support Groups and One-on-One Programs provide a safe environment for participants to take the actions of The Grief Recovery Method. Each member examines old beliefs about dealing with loss, identifies the losses that have affected his or her life, and learns to take new actions that lead to completion of the pain attached to those losses. As a result, participants find that they are able to discover and complete what was left emotionally unfinished due to a death, a divorce, or other major loss.

About GRI

Since the Grief Recovery Institute was founded in the mid 1980s, it has expanded its staff to provide training coast-to-coast, border-to-border in the United States and Canada. In addition, it has affiliates in Sweden, the United Kingdom, and Mexico.

How can The Grief Recovery Method®  help?


My goal is to help you complete your relationship to the pain, isolation, and loneliness caused by significant emotional loss. While death and divorce may seem to be the most obvious losses,  groups are not limited to those losses. There are more than 40 life events that can produce feelings of grief, including death of a companion animal, loss of health, major financial changes, moving, and many others. Whether grief is caused by death or another loss, incomplete relationships can have a lifelong negative impact on your capacity for happiness.


Recovery from loss is achieved by a series of small and correct choices made by the griever.  I will explain those action choices to you, and guide you in taking them.


If your resources haven't helped with your grief, it’s not because of what’s wrong with you. It’s because of a lack of effective information. If you’re considering attending this program it’s because of what’s right with you, not what’s wrong.